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Public Spaces and Public Life

Public space is a literal commons. It is the common ground where people come together, upon which our communities, economy, democracy, and society depend.

As increasingly more public spaces face enclosure, we believe it is critical to advance the commons approach, which helps us name, claim, and protect the places we share together for ourselves and for future generations. In February, this work took us to Winona, Minnesota where we conversed with city officials and students about the explosion of frac sand mining and how to apply the commons approach as an invaluable problem-solving tool.

How Commons-based Strategies Can Transform Your Hometown

OTC visits Winona, Minnesota.

11 Ways to Turn Public Spaces into Great Places

A guide for placemaking based on almost 40 years experience in 40 countries.

People Need Public Spaces More Than Ever

Parks, sidewalks, transit, schools and community centers are used by all.

Introduction to the Commons


The commons is the essential form of wealth that we inherit or create together.

A Day in the Life

Noticing the commons around us opens up new possibilities.

The Commons Framework

Helps you understand and animate the commons.



It's All Happening at the Park

On the Commons works with local park to create a commons-based framework.

The Foundation of Commons-Based Solutions

Six elements of a new paradigm for a life-giving future.


Everyday people who stand up to create and protect what belongs to all of us.

Ross Chapin

Seattle architect leverages the power of the commons for stronger neighborhoods.


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On the Commons Magazine

News on the commons: February 2013

Read highlights from the latest edition of our Commons Magazine—a gateway to the latest thinking and action happening right now in the commons movement.

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