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Commons Magazine is your gateway to the latest thinking and action in the commons movement. We pay close attention to how communities around the world are discovering the commons as a way to solve problems and to share what belong to all of us equitably – including future generations. You’ll find profiles of everyday people making a difference, groundbreaking ideas that will prove useful in your own life, as well as current news examined in fresh ways through a commons lens.

July 2014 Edition

Latest Plan to Privatize Post Office Hits Unexpected Obstacle

Labor solidarity threatens idea of moving post offices to big box stores

Commoners Continue to Occupy Rome's Teatro Valle

Why breaking the law is sometimes the highest form of legality

One Surprising Reason America Lags Behind the World on Bikes

Plus: How America's biking capital rose to number one

Republicans Wreck Their Own Principles on Highways

Slash Medicare, mail delivery, student aid, but don't make drivers pay for roads

Animalia Terrestria

An UNCOMMON/WORD poem by Alexandra Fresch

Who Gets to Decide What a City Can Do with Broadband Internet?

Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans and some states want to control local affairs

Why Trails are America's New Town Squares

Where we meet to talk, walk and play

Why Trails are America's New Town Squares

Where we meet to talk, walk and play

The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life

Not socialism, not Capitalism…Distributism seeks community power

Why Boston Brags About the Tastiest Tap Water in the US

Watershed protection, not filtration plants, make them the winner

Commons Thinking Offers a Road Map to Transform Society

A frank but hopeful assessment of Ecuador's bold move

Remembering Charity Hicks, Ardent Advocate of People's Right to Water

Detroit leader played big role in movements for food security, environment and the commons

How to Inspire Millions More People to Bike

Bike lanes of the future can be seen on the streets right now

It Takes A Village to Stay Healthy

Personal health and community health linked in three projects in the Twin Cities

Reconnecting with the Subversive Power of Our Imagination

How Shakespeare and other avatars of the premodern can save us in the age of inequality and climate change

June 2014 Edition

Commons Social Charter Engages Everyone to Protect the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Commons introduces the charter and a new website

Imagination to Action: Building Commons Movement From the Ground Up

An interview with OTC's Julie Ristau & Alexa Bradley

Ecuador Takes First Step Toward a Commons Economy

Government sponsors research on how to transition to commoning and open networks

Good News For Communities Scared of Economic Decline

The "anchor strategy" builds on existing assets to boost jobs, businesses & quality-of-life

A New Twist in Making a Better World

Artist organizers ignite communities' creative vision

International Human Rights Violations in Detroit

Thousands of people face water shut-offs as part of privatization strategy

The Positive Power of Taking It Easy

The Porch Sitters Union knows that sometimes less is more

Parks are Silent Victims of Our Economic & Political Ills

And from the pages of history, a proven way to rejevenate them

May 2014 Edition

Commons Way of Life vs. Market Way of Life

13 stark differences in how to look at the world