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The Triumph of the Commons

An excerpt from 55 Theses For the Future

By Leland Maschmeyer

Photo by Matt Short

But before we can redesign society,
we must first learn to
see the world as a commons.

Thesis 01
Some people see the world as a battleground, while others see it as a commons.

Thesis 09
Those who see the world as a battleground strive to suppress surprise from others. “Loose cannons” are dangerous.

Thesis 10
Those who see the world as a battleground revel in what they’ve made impossible for others. Those who see the world as a commons revel in what they have made possible with others.

Thesis 14
As in battle, as in a market economy: for every plus there must be a minus. This is the essence of profit.

Thesis 51
He who sees the world as a battleground requires an opponent. Lacking an opponent, he lacks an identity. And a future for his past.

If the previous centuries were about protecting the world from the tragedy of the commons, then this century will be about redesigning society to pro- mote their triumph.

Excerpted from Triumph of the Commons: 55 Theses on the Future is a book written by Leland Maschmeyer and illustrated by fifty-five international artists. A mix of philosophy and pop culture, this book reveals the philosophic DNA that makes the commons our most import- ant cultural narrative. Leland’s aim is to vividly frame these key concepts and to provoke discussion about them. Triumph of the Commons: 55 Theses on the Future can be ordered on Amazon.com.


Posted January 1, 2013

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