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Commons Magazine is your gateway to the latest thinking and action in the commons movement. We pay close attention to how communities around the world are discovering the commons as a way to solve problems and to share what belong to all of us equitably – including future generations. You’ll find profiles of everyday people making a difference, groundbreaking ideas that will prove useful in your own life, as well as current news examined in fresh ways through a commons lens.

May 2014 Edition

A New Generation of Great Public Spaces in Places You'd Least Expect

Community commons arise in places once dominated roads, railyards and parking spaces

You No Longer Have to Own Everything You Use

Leland Maschmeyer on creativity, sharing and the 21st Century Economy

Commons 101

A reading list from activist and scholar Peter Linebaugh

How To Save Equal Access on the Internet

Publicly owned networks in cities across the US preserve net neutrality and provide quality service

April 2014 Edition

How to Get the World Back on Its Feet

Steps we can take to get more people walking for health and happiness

Commons Comes to Town

OTC's recent visit to Keene State College stirs discussion about what we share and how we share it

How a Commons Way of Life Helps Curb Climate Change

It offers an appealing alternative to more stuff and more money, which drives environmental destruction today

"The Wealth of Nations"

An UNCOMMON/WORD poem by Mike Rollin

Parks Are Crucial for Children & Other Living Things

Imagine growing up without playgrounds, ballfields and picnics

Stop, Thief!

Hisotrian Peter Linebaugh on commoning and our rich tradition of resistance to attacks on the commons

"Why Are We?"

Poet Crystal Williams talks with Camille Gage about her work, beauty & Detroit

How to Revive Low-Income Neighborhoods

Tap the power of local commons-based institutions like hospitals and colleges

How to Revive Low-Income Neighborhoods

Tap the power of local commons-based institutions like hospitals and colleges

Indigenous People In Honduras Block Dam on Sacred River

Despite U.S.-backed violence against them, the Rio Blanco community is fighting back as multinational corporations encroach on their lands

March 2014 Edition

Why Do I Work So Hard?

Two starkly different visions of life's meaning from a pair of car ads

How Sharing Can Shift the Spirit of the Times

Shareable magazine co-founder Neal Gorenflo says the sharing economy will help us create the kind of future we want to live in

Deep Sharing

How the commons amplifies the sharing economy

Our New eBook: Sharing Revolution

Download our new guide to the essential economics of the commons

Joseph Sax (1936-2014)

A pioneering scholar of environmental law and champion of the public trust doctrine

Crimea Crisis: What the Media is Not Telling You

National autonomy is commonplace in today's world, but Crimeans are not being given that choice

UK Officially Recognizes Pubs as "Assets" With Importance Beyond their Market Value

A victory for the idea that communities matter more than investors