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Commons Magazine

Commons Magazine is your gateway to the latest thinking and action in the commons movement. We pay close attention to how communities around the world are discovering the commons as a way to solve problems and to share what belong to all of us equitably – including future generations. You’ll find profiles of everyday people making a difference, groundbreaking ideas that will prove useful in your own life, as well as current news examined in fresh ways through a commons lens.

October 2013 Edition

The Forgotten Idea That Shaped Great U.S. Cities

How the Single Tax movement boosted equity & prosperity during the Progressive Era

Renew the Commons, Recharge Your Life

Take time to hear, see, feel and share what’s all around us

Let Red States Opt Out of Obamacare

In the long run, it will improve everyone's health

September 2013 Edition

XL Not the Only Pipeline Carrying Tar Sands Oil

A fight against Enbridge's crude oil pipeline to the Upper Midwest

Getting America Back on Its Feet

Launching a walking movment to strenghten our health and communities

A Powerful Commons Tool We Overlook

Informal social customs often work better than laws in Influencing good behavior

Taxi Rides Go Communal

Bandwagon brings ride-sharing to cabs in NYC

A Legal Blueprint for Our Ecological Survival

A new book links human rights, environmental rights and the law of the commons

Passion for the Great Lakes Runs Deep

Organizer Alexa Bradley reveals the Great Lakes Commons Initiative's key to success: community leadership

Defending the Public From Greed

FDR's campaign speech from 1932 is timely today

Save the Planet, Starting on Your Own Block

Local efforts are the backbone of global green activism

August 2013 Edition

Four Circles of Judaism Help Us Live the Commons

Open space, the Sabbath, sabbaticals and Jubilee

A Multitude of Wonderful Things We Share But Rarely Consider

A treasury of Jonathan Rowe's insights

When Civil Disobedience Becomes Law Enforcement

Applying the public trust doctrine to protect us from climate change

On Waiting and Writing

A conversation with poet Juliet Patterson

Commons-Based Ideas to Support Artists

New ways to pay the piper (and the painter and the performer and the poet )


Join a public art project to recognize the Great Lakes as a commons

The Tea Party Targets Public Libraries

Even a $1 year tax hike to maintain services is too much for them

Only Congress Can End Forty Years Of Insanity

Our attitude toward medical marijuana has unfolded like an interminable tragedy with three acts.

July 2013 Edition

An Oregon Trail to End Student Debt

Innovative bill brings equity into student loans and gets banks out

Life in the Green Lane

Protected bike lanes reclaim our streets as commons

Nature is an Open-Source Commons

Andreas Weber's idea of Enlivenment rejects Social Darwinism and theories that call nature inert matter

Connecticut Passes Commons-Based Approach to Taxing Urban Land

Turns traditional property taxes upside down by valuing community contributions to land values

Connections, Community and the Pursuit of the Commons

Why public life and good places matter so much