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Commons Magazine is your gateway to the latest thinking and action in the commons movement. We pay close attention to how communities around the world are discovering the commons as a way to solve problems and to share what belong to all of us equitably – including future generations. You’ll find profiles of everyday people making a difference, groundbreaking ideas that will prove useful in your own life, as well as current news examined in fresh ways through a commons lens.

January 2014 Edition

The Story of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom

Barbara Allen, a longtime student and friend with access to their personal papers, chronicles the Ostroms' life and work in a new film

Its Been a Very Bad Month For the Private Sector

Mounting evidence that privatizing public services costs us more money

The Slow Unnatural Death of Our Personal Space

Deregulation brings us cramped airplane seats and increased TV ads

Discovering a Legal Tool to Curb Climate Change

A new book champions the commons-based Public Trust Doctrine for saving the earth

Five Lessons About the Commons

...which filmmaker Barbara Allen draws from the work of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom for her new film about them

"Bringing Back Water"

An UNCOMMON/WORD poem by Elizabeth C. Herron

December 2013 Edition

A Global Exploration of Economic Possibilities

Highlights from the Berlin conference that attracted 200 commoners from 30 countries

2013: The Year Bike Sharing Came of Age

Once dismissed as a hippy-dippy dream, bike sharing is now reality in New York, Chicago and other cities

Our Commons. Are you in?

Take a moment to recognize the gift of our commons [VIDEO]

Actual World, Possible Future

Barbara Allen's film about the lives and work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom

Brewster Kahle

Open innovation visionary archives the Internet to preserve our digital cultural commons

Ostrom’s Nobel Prize a Milestone for the Commons Movement

Her honor debunked the belief that cooperation and collaboration lead to tragedy

View from Africa on Ostrom's Nobel Prize
The View from Africa on Elinor Ostrom

Her research validates the value of traditional cooperative land management

The Cultural Commons Lies Hidden in Plain Sight

How we can be midwives to a huge shift in creativity, connection and citizenship

Walking as a Way of Life

A new movement for health and happiness depends on creating more commons where we can easily walk

Airline Deregulation: Triumph of Ideology Over Evidence

A look at the facts reveal the public has suffered from government's hands-off stance toward airlines

Why Mayors Should Rule the World

They can solve problems national governments can't says political theorist Benjamin Barber


An UNCOMMON/WORD poem by Laura Hansen

A New Way to Make Housing Affordable for Nonprofit Workers

Foundation House in San Francisco experiments with a commons-based housing model

November 2013 Edition

What’s Good for Bill Gates Turns Out To Be Bad For Public Schools

And, actually, bad for Microsoft too, as we learned recently

Building the Good Society

Notes toward a political platform for the commons

Yes to Amazon.com. No to the Public!

Welcome to the new post office

Why Peer Production Thrives in the Field of Theater Arts

Using Internet-enabled networks, HowlRound creates a knowledge commons for the benefit of all

A Vision for Architecture as More Than the Sum of Its Parts

How Modernist Fundamentalism degrades the human and natural environment