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Commons Magazine is your gateway to the latest thinking and action in the commons movement. We pay close attention to how communities around the world are discovering the commons as a way to solve problems and to share what belong to all of us equitably – including future generations. You’ll find profiles of everyday people making a difference, groundbreaking ideas that will prove useful in your own life, as well as current news examined in fresh ways through a commons lens.

July 2013 Edition

How to Create Wealth: Monetary, Spiritual or Psychic

Jonathan Rowe's brilliant meditation on the shared, non-commercialized realms of life

Commons Strategies Can Transform Your Hometown

Invite OTC to town to boost community connections and public life

How One Neighborhood Illuminates Our Hopes and Fears for the Future

The fate of Harter Heights and places like it everywhere matters

Down on the Corner

Our future lies in the fate of one neighborhood-- and others like it everywhere

eBook: How to Design Our World for Happiness

Download our new guide to placemaking, public space, and convivial living

June 2013 Edition

The Huge Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

Look at what they are doing at the state level today

The Next New Economy

Jessica Conrad explores the rise of a global phe­nom­e­non in the Twin Cities

Learning to "Commonify" Your Mind

Breaking free of the belief that the market rules everything in our lives

A Huge Win for the Commons

US Supreme Court rules human genes cannot be patented

The Cat’s Out of the Bag and Now I Must Take it Even Further

Poet/performer Douglas Kearney embraces collaborative creativity


Our dysfunctional, corporate dominated food system threatens our health and the planet

Youth Center in a Midwest Town Run as a Commons

A participant describes their model of collective ownership

Why I No Longer Give Away My Music

How the digital music biz makes it difficult for musicians to offer free downloads

Bicycling Surges Across the US, Outpacing Noisy Critics

How the "bikelash" was overcome in New York and other cities

Give a Little

TED talks--where ideas hit the big time--explore the importance of generosity

May 2013 Edition

Protecting Drinking Water by Preventing Pollution in Upstream Communities

Latin American water leaders discuss commons approach for safe water

Potential Partners We Don't Recognize

Why local government, co-ops, community organizations, and unions are commoners

From Berlin With Hope

International Economics & the Commons Conference breaks new ground in how we thrive together

How Artists Strengthen Communities

The rise of creative placemaking raises interesting questions

Poetry as Provocation

An interview with Sarah Browning of Split This Rock

America's Most Enduring Common Ground

Since 1634, the Boston Commons has been shared by all

Hidden Power Grab Stops Communities From Deciding Their Own Futures

Increasingly states are quashing the power of local governments--and thwarting innovation