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On the Commons is a network of citizens and organizations working toward a commons-based society. The commons refers to the natural and socially-created commons belonging to all of us that — when used wisely and fairly — will benefit everyone, including future generations.

12 Reasons You'll Hear More About the Commons in 2012

The time is ripe for more sharing, collaboration and solidarity.


“The first sign of tyranny is government's complicity in privatizing the commons for private gain.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Our dependency on one another is a point of strength rather than a problem.”

—Julie Ristau, On the Commons co-director

“The key to saving the world is savoring the world”

—Mark Lakeman, architect and City Repair co-founder

Making New Worlds Possible

Alexa Bradley reports from Occupy’s Forum on the Commons.

You May Already Be a Commoner If...

Find out by taking this short quiz.

Economic Security Beyond Jobs

Peter Barnes’ proposal to restore the middle class by paying everyone dividends on our common wealth.

Next Step: Occupy Economics Departments

A profession that has a lot to answer for, by David Morris.

At Last, A New Story About the Future

Bill McKibben on why the commons matters.


Detroit People's Water Board

H20 belongs to all of us.

5 Myths About Inequality

Mistruths the Republicans are spreading.

Decline and Fall of the Mall?

As shopping migrates to the Internet, downtowns may gain an advantage over strip malls and big boxes.

Caring for Those Who Care

Parents, teachers, volunteers, day care providers & more are the backbone of the commons.


Annie Leonard

The creator of “The Story of Stuff” highlights the importance of our common assets.

Even the One Percent Benefits from Tax Increases on the Wealthy

Chuck Collins explains in a new video.

Big Secret of the World Economy

Cooperatives employ more people around the world than multinational corporations.

The Commons Redefines America’s Hopes

What we can accomplish together, from The Nation.


Leo Burke

A business professor who believes that the world should work for everyone.

Another Europe is Possible

Austerity crisis sparks widespread discussion of commons.


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